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• Tori's Mother.

• "Tula Tongue Treatment" was her signature smooch.​


• Amazingly empathic, sensing if an adult or child needed a kiss.

• Super sweet and friendly to everyone.​


• Well-behaved. A pleasure to be around.

• Tula was drawn to people (especially children) which was usually mutual.

• Patient and affectionate.


• Always eager to please.


• Obsessed with balls. She had a favorite blue one. 

• Never made a fuss if her clothes weren't designer brands.

• Good listener. Always seemed interested in what was being said.

• Pink was her favorite color.


• Blanket Hoarder.

• Often would mistaken Toby for a pillow.

• Didn't like being wet or cold. She would tiptoe through snow.


• Loved belly rubs. 


• Kept me warm at night which was important because she hogged the covers.

• Able to pee or poop on command, especially in the rain.


• Ice cream was a favorite treat.


• Enjoyed going on road trips in the car.


• Always had people smiling with her magical presence.

Tula Crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 11-21-2013

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