No longer in my arms but always in my heart

Dogs have always been apart of my family. However, Tula was my first dog I could call my very own. Incredibly intelligent, loyal and eager to please, Tula brought much happiness to my life. Most of all she brought love; a love so amazing and powerful, its too beautiful to ever be defined. Her presence which was truly magical, filled my home with comfort and delight. Tula's extremely gentle and friendly personality won the hearts of those lucky enough to have met her. She loved giving kisses, especially to children. Her famous Tula tongue treatment was enjoyed by all. It's through her pictures, people of all ages and from all over the world continue to smile. Tula's large captivating eyes are expressive and trusting. They are filled love, peace and tenderness.

Tula, my brave girl, I miss you every day. Holding and kissing you that one last time while saying goodbye hurt more then anything imaginable. Thank you for being my best friend and faithful companion. You are exceptional, unforgettable and irreplaceable. Always on my mind and forever in my heart.

Triple T Unleashed Tula Tribute LOVE OK


Jan. 20, 2004 - Nov. 21, 2013