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• Tula's daughter.

• Laying on the lawn is a favorite activity.

• Summer Dog - gets super excited when the sky is blue.

• Can pee while doing a handstand. Ok, technically a pawstand.

• Super Sniffer... must smell at least 100 million things while on walks.

• Can't tell the difference between real animals and animals on television.

• Easily fixated on lights, reflections and shadows, especially those with high chase or prey drive.


• Stressed when exposed to overstimulated environments.


• Prefers alternative fashion and deviant clothing styles. 

• Often mistaken for a puppy.

• Her bulging eyes can be quite expressive.

• Happy as a couch potato, but prefers being a canine athlete.


• Loves the outdoors. Adventurous. 

• Excellent bedtime cuddle buddy.

• Miss Independent... appreciates companionship and attention, but is not needy. Low maintenance.

• Occasional attitude. Human Rules are silly!

• Sometimes develops Small Dog Syndrome... "I only weigh 12lbs, but when I look in the mirror, I see 122lbs.

• Never short of confidence.

• She is small and can easily be carried.

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