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• Loves food and will eat just about anything.

• Loves coconut oil. He would eat a whole jar if allowed.

• Likes to be involved in everything.

• Not the lounging around eating bon bons all day kind of Frenchie.

• Extreme Lover.

• Wireless Home Security. Toby will let intruders know his home is protected.

• Backup alarm clock.


• Handsome little man that turns lots of heads. He knows how to work a crowd.


• Man-child that loves sporting a nice bow tie.

• Charming, clever chap with a sense of humor - will make you laugh. Quite the clown!

• Former name was Dexter.


• Sensitive to fleas. 

• Motion - Activated... decoding body language for any indication of movement towards a more exciting place like his food bowl.


• Trots rather then walks. His whole desire in life is to go everywhere as fast as possible.

• Can be stubborn but a treat is always a quick fix.


• Loves to socialize. People Pleaser. "Love the one you're with" mentality.

• Big - hearted dog in a small package.

• Snores and makes other funny noises which are quite dramatic sounds emanating from such a small body.

• Cries (loudly) to let the world notice whenever there is a concern of absence.

• Not bashful when pleasuring himself.

• Prefers window seat when traveling.

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