Join Triple T as they go beyond the dog park and into an exciting world usually experienced only by humans. It's the cross between surrealism and true life adventures that will everybody asking how is that possible? No doubt eyes will be jeweled with tears of laughter as they bring cute and whimsical qualities into every photo. Never seen dogs on motorcycles or tricycles? How about on a snowmobile? The amusing and unpredictable style of Triple T is brought to life in their amazing pictures.

Triple T Unleashed takes pride in bringing its fans actual event photos. What is seen is real! Absolutely no special effects or stunt doubles are used during photo shoots. Triple T have mastered the art of skill and patience needed to create true adventures through their unique and captivating pictures.

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My story in many ways replicates that of dog lovers everywhere. The almost obsessive fascination with quirks and personalities of those we affectionately call man's best friend. For me, capturing those traits through pictures is very rewarding. My goal with each photo is to create as much fantasy through human characteristics as possible. Provide a sense of realism we all can recognize and add a twist of humor. Tori and Tula have mastered the art of skill and patience necessary to create true life adventures. Most Boston Terriers are full of energy and can be rambunctious at times. T and T are no different. However, they seem to have developed a precise "on and off switch." When its time to do a photo shoot, its all business for these two stars, no joking around. The girls take their work very seriously. They know its double reward time. I have a tremendous love for Boston Terriers and animals in general. I know all the idiosyncrasies of both my girls, after all they are my best buds! Tula is the strong silent type. Where as Tori is more expressive, especially through her body language.

We have a new addition to our family, a young French Bulldog named Toby. He is full of energy and has been non-stop entertainment for us all. Toby is a happy-go-lucky little guy with the biggest heart. Despite being a rookie to photo shoots, he has shown great potential. I am looking forward to doing more photo shoots with him. All three kids bring unique qualities to every photo. The Triple T's are truly gifted dogs that make their pictures what they are... special!

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Breed: Boston Terrier

Sex: Female

DOB: December 20, 2006 

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Breed: French Bulldog

Sex: Male

DOB: July 5, 2011 

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Breed: Boston Terrier

Sex: Female

DOB: January 20, 2004